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    We are New York State's premier advocacy organization for
    individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    The Advocacy and Resource Center's mission is to provide various program options or services to persons with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and their families. The agency has pursued its mission by providing programs to over 600 individuals with developmental disabilities each day. In providing these comprehensive programs to the disabled, the agency employs over 500 individuals, thus having a significant impact on the economy of the area.

    The Advocacy and Resource Center will be recognized within the community as an outstanding service agency. Development of all individualized services will be based upon identified personal outcome measures and quality leadership standards.

    The future we envision is one where all individuals supported are active within their community and accepted in all aspects of life. Each person’s quality of life will be enriched through personally meaningful activities, formation of sincere relationships and the pursuit and realization of dreams and goals. Individuals will be recognized for their abilities and contributions as a friend, companion, patron and member of the community.

    We will be recognized by the community as a leading employer in the region. This will be accomplished by ensuring a well-trained and dedicated workforce, effective management practices and fiscal viability.

    Our Services

    Services and Programs at the Advocacy and Resource Center

    Day Services

    Structured activities and supports provided in natural settings or agency facilities to promote independence, inclusion, choice, self-esteem and skill development.

    Respite Services

    Respite Services are designed to provide temporary relief for families or other caregivers of individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

    Residential Services

    Residential Services are designed to enable individuals to live as independently as possible via opportunities received through residential living experiences.

    CVI Janitorial Services

    A professional janitorial service that has provided quality cleaning services for over 25 years in the Clinton County area while providing jobs to people with disabilities.

    Workforce Network

    We provide a way for individuals to realize their goal of independence via competitive employment. Workforce Network encourages people to work within their communities and encourages work, social interaction, and integration.

    Fiscal Intermediary Services

    Self Directed Service is an option that empowers people with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals.

    Corporate Compliance Program

    We are committed to establishing open lines of communication so that any employee or volunteer may feel comfortable in reporting any concerns they may have.

    Eligibility for Services

    To qualify for services, an individual must possess a diagnosis of a developmental and/or intellectual disability as defined by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). The onset of the disability must occur prior to the age of 22.

    The Advocacy and Resource Center

    We Care About Our Community

    • Connecticut Court Townhouses
      Connecticut Court Townhouses

      Affordable Housing

      Integrated living environment for people who are income as well as OPWDD eligible.

      Individuals with ID/DD living in this housing development benefit from living a fully integrated life in a community with opportunities to develop close personal friendships/relationships, have a job, and recreational/ social opportunities.

      Conveniently located, giving residents opportunity for easy access to the local community.


    • The ARC Vehicle Donation Program

      Vehicle Donation Program

      The Arc of the United States Car Donation Program accepts ALL vehicles, regardless of age and condition. We will take care of ALL the operational issues from responding to incoming calls, to setting up the towing, to providing the donor will all donor acknowledgment letters to include the IRS tax documentation. Please consider donating your vehicle.

      Click for here for information about NYSARC Donation Program.

      Call 1.877.272.2270

    • Serving the developmentally disabled of Clinton County New York

      The ARC Foundation

      The ARC Foundation is a not-for-profit public corporation, founded in 1999. The foundation was created in order to receive and administer funds for the primary benefit of the developmentally disabled of Clinton County New York.

      The foundation is a separate entity from the Advocacy and Resource Center (Clinton County Chapter of NYSARC, Inc.). However, because the missions of the ARC Foundation and the Advocacy and Resource Center serve the same purpose, the Advocacy and Resource Center may directly benefit from contributions made by the Foundation.